Green Aventurine - Rough


Apophyllite forms common phyllosilicate crystal rectangular prisms capped by a steep four-sided pyramid


Found in many countries including the USA, India, Canada, Scotland, Ireland


Apophyllite can fade if left in the sun for long periods and it can also beome brittle


Hardness – 4.5 - 5


Cleaning/Cleansing - it can be smudged with sage or other spiritual herbs, cahrged under the moonlight, salt is also a good way to clean it, put some sea salt in a bowl (don't put the crystal in) and place the bowl and crystal next to each other, other night the sea will absorb all the negative energy 


Charging - The best way to charge apophylite is to leave it under a full moon. This will both charge your crystal and cleanse it of negative energy.


Body – Used for balancing the energy of the mind, body, spirit and emotions. It helps improve the memory, combats fatigue and exhaustion.


Mind - helps clear negative energy, removes emotional blockages, reduces stress and anxiety, and helps with hidden psychic powers, including clairvoyance and deepened spiritual practice


Magical Properties – Enhances spiritual connects, helps you to communication with higer realms and beings, used in meditation to connect with spirit guides and angels. Helps to balance the chakras, it has also been shown to amplify intentions and aid in manifestation work


Uses – used for meitation and balancing the chakras. Apophyllite is believed to have healing properties that can benefit both physical and emotional health. Placing Apophyllite on specific areas of the body or incorporating it into energy healing practices can promote overall well-being


Chakra - third eye and crown (can also be used with the heart chakra

Element - Air

Planet - Venus