Welcome to The Purple Raven

Merry Meet, welcome to our blog. This is a peek into our lives, what we do where we go & most importantly for The Purple Raven, what we make & source for the website.


All the handmade wooden items we sell via the website are made by collecting fallen trees, or ones that have been felled or pruned in the locality. We have a lot of woodland surrounding us so trees are always being taken down for one reason or another unfortunately. We don’t cut down any living trees for our stock.

We spend our free time sourcing vintage and pre-owned items. I personally love having an item on my altar or in my home that’s got a history, not mass produced and is (quite likely) unique to me. As I can’t possibly fit it all into my home, my altar isn’t that big either, I pass on some of the things I find, and can bear to part with, via Purple Raven.

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Our Home

Based in Nottinghamshire, a short distance from Sherwood Forest. We are lucky to live backing onto ancient woodland, actually a remnant of Sherwood Forest