Litha also known as midsummer or the summer solstice is a Pagan festival which this year is celebrated on the 20th June. As the sun reaches its peak on the longest day of the year it is a time of illumination, growth, and new beginnings


In Pagan tradition Litha marked the end of the Oak Kings reign and the rise of the Holly King. The Holly King will oversee the world as the days get shorter and we progress towards the shorter days of winter


The Summer Solstice is a celebration of light and a call to awaken our inner power and align ourselves with the rhythms of nature. Everything is growing and expanding and now is the time to reflect on the journey we have been on, expand your ideas, business or desires and set new intentions


It’s a time to honour the sun and the abundance of nature. This often includes, bonfires, rituals, feasting and outdoor activities



I should point out that most of the recipes I put on were made by two of my granddaugters, from the ages of 10 and up 


Litha Honey and Spice Cake


This cake reminds me a lot of a carrot cake, but without the carroty taste. Very moist, very rustic, very nice. Also doesn’t require much preparation and is done pretty quick, I like how it has no nuts in, too. Im not a fan of nuts in cakes, maybe its the weird texture shift, i don’t know. What I do know is that this cake will definitely be the cake we make on Litha. Click for recipe


Lemon And Pecan Litha Muffins


This was the first time I have used zest in anything and it turned out to be nice the original idea was to make a cake but we decided to make it into muffins. Click for recipe



Spinach Quiche


One of our many food items for celebrating the summer solstice. Just a nice easy quiche with some spinach. Adding a bit of bacon also wouldn’t hurt, just make sure its cooked before adding it. Click here for recipe