Colour Magic & Candle Magic – A Beginners Guide

You have probably been taking part in candle magic for many years without realising it. Many of us were told as a child to ‘make a wish’ before blowing out a candle on a birthday cake. Ancient Greeks were said to have been the ones to have started this tradition. They used to decorate cake with lit candles to honour the god Artemis. Candles are used by most witches as part of their spellwork.

Candle Magic

Candle magic is simply the burning of candles as part of rituals which is designed to accomplish a specific goal. The colour of your candle can add a real boost to a spell. Both candle and colour magic are powerful forms of magic.

Candles are an excellent starting point for people wanting to do their first spell. Knowing what colour candle to use is also important. The first thing I should point out is that a white candle can be substituted for any colour candle that you don’t have.

BlackAbsorb or banish negative energy, Protection
Blue (Light)Peace & Tranquillity; Health, Patience, Spiritual
Blue (Dark)Protection, Wisdom , Loyalty
GreenGood luck, Prosperity, Success
OrangeConfidence, Creativity, Attraction
PinkRomance, Friendship, Love
PurpleProsperity, Psychic Ability, Wisdom, Success
RedLove, Strength, Courage, Power, Passion
WhitePurity, Protection, Happiness, Healing
Yellow Confidence, Attraction, Inspiration

This is by no means an exhaustive list and many people have different ideas of what each colour represents. You may associate a colour with something other than what is written above. Always go with your own feelings and intuition

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